"Julian Leicester teaches you FIVE simple steps to quit smoking for ever. This
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How would you like to live your life, do whatever you want, and still not smoke? The science taught in my book is so simple you will probably find it difficult at first to believe that it will work. That’s because you have been brainwashed by cigarette companies and media to believe that quitting your cigarettes is difficult, but it’s not. I call my method the world’s first pleasurebased approach to quitting smoking. A person must be passionate, thrilled, and having fun quitting. They should be happy at the outcome of achieving. Quitting smoking must be so fun to do that it becomes effortless.

In this book you will learn how to...

  • Seed the subconscious with positive values which is a great tool for effortless change.
  • Develop the strength of your personality and willpower to quit successfully.
  • Get rid of all your inner beliefs about smoking and be relax as you quit smoking.
  • Do something differently and be different to really want to quit,.
  • Think smart all the time: make your smart choice to quit smoking.
  • See the truth of smoking which costs you: it costs your health, your finances, and your family.
  • Decide which is more important to you, and have the courage to walk away from your cigarettes.










Corporate Training for a Smoke Free Workplace

HRDF Claimable Training with ROI Report

We provide your organization a strategic quit smoking training program to trasform your smokers to healthy leaders at work.

Our training is fun, it gives ICT feedback and computation of quit smoking success of the participants. This is a complete training with a ROI report on participants quit effort given to your management. This program is claimable by HRDF Funds (Malaysia only)

We are happy to talk with your HR or OSH Manager soon. Contact us and lets talk.


Book a personalized quit smoking coaching with Julian Leicester

Call and make an appointment at his quit smoking center.

We have many clients at our USJ19 Mall Cneter in Subang Jaya over the last 12 years. Book your appointment here and we will be in touch soon to help you quit smoking and also on any other issues.


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