"Julian Leicester is a household name on quit smoking in Malaysia. Media calls him "The Cigarette Slayer"

Julian is the book author of “The Science to Quit Smoking”. He has design his patented S2QS system which is drug and product free, a pleasure based training format approach to quit smoking, with ten years of research and development in Malaysia, Holland and Philippines. He has conducted his national seminars and soon rally, “Don’t Just Quit It, but Crush It!” with newspaper, hospitals and cancer societies. In 2004 he conducted Malaysia’s first Choose to Stop Smoking Seminar, which achieved high results in the newspaper. He is today nicknamed by the newspaper, TV and radio as the “Cigarette Slayer” (NSTP 2011, 24/12/08) He is also Malaysia’s popular column writer on his S2QS quit smoking system in The Star in July 2008.

Today Julian operates with his team in You1Quit.com, which is Malaysia’s innovative corporate quit smoking consultancy and training. He specializes in getting rid of cigarette addiction, increase productivity and innovate workplace environment to comply with Article 14 of FCTC. He has been key note speaker in NIOSH Conference for Occupational Safety and Health promoting on the “How to achieve the smoke-free workplace”. He is a well known clinical quit smoking specialist in the nation for 2 years with clients using his drug free S2QS mind techniques for change. He is a AHPM AND HRDF registered practitioner and corporate specialist for habits, trauma, and fear, phobia and better lifestyle strategies. His work has an evidence based result study conducted by the Ministry of Health in a factory in Johor Bharu for smoke free workplace in 2007. Today, World Health Organization (WHO) knows about his work passion and efforts to teach smokers nationwide to rid their cigarettes.












Corporate Training for a Smoke Free Workplace

HRDF Claimable Training with ROI Report

We provide your organization a strategic quit smoking training program to trasform your smokers to healthy leaders at work.

Our training is fun, it gives ICT feedback and computation of quit smoking success of the participants. This is a complete training with a ROI report on participants quit effort given to your management. This program is claimable by HRDF Funds (Malaysia only)

We are happy to talk with your HR or OSH Manager soon. Contact us and lets talk.


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