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We are a team of qualified specialists in making performance matter at the work place. We understand the science behind the art of our subconscious training program to you and your organization. For your organization to move to a High Performance Culture there must be a strategy that needs to be innovated. It is not just another reengineered business format that is blended with motivation. At the heart of all changes, the human needs must be addressed. Our program is to educate ‘results rather than activity’ to the emotionally driven human being.

Our training advisors provide your HR and management team performance advisory services and a wide range of variable staff training products through our wide network of professional panel of local and international training experts. We believe that any human performance is in the Mind, bringing Energy to the body. Our training help you take charge and turn around your consistent sabotaging thoughts and attitude and develop concentrated focus to succeed.

Most sports coachers, psychologist and counselors focus on changing the conscious mind only to meet resistance in the critical filter, never reaching the source, the subconscious mind. That’s why most conscious training programs today, are not effective. This is because the participant just did not fully immerse mentally in the training program in the manner it was delivered.

Our mind impact trainings perform what normal training will never acheive fully. We have long term measurable results.


Results is Our Mission

In PERFORMANCE STATION, all our partners and guest are valued as our Key Mission! The blend of spirit, energy, dedication, and desire to serve them and give them extraordinary delight. Giving Results is our Strength.

We have today strategic alliances from all over Asia, Middle East, Europe, Australia, North and South America and Japan. In Malaysia we work with various organization. SME, Government Agencies, Private Sectors and schools, etc.

Our Program is Your Business Take Off

Owning a business is probably one of the most fulfilling ways to make a living. This is especially true in a country like Malaysia where prosperity is enjoyed by a large percentage of its citizen. With its flourishing economy, running businesses in this country can be extremely rewarding.

PERFORMANCE STATION is today introducing more business building training workshops, strategic alliances and framework that will guide and promote your current or new startup to high yield revenues. We make Performance your mantra.

Enrol in PERFORMANCE STATION and take your business to new heights.

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Our trained subconscious specialist brings our client to a state of heighten awareness in which they are articulate, more relaxed and better able to face their problems in a logical way. Subconscious coaching is a specialist topic and such simple conceived awareness can be curative and can provide dramatic result at work. That’s why our work is awarded in the Malaysia Book of Records as a first in the nation.