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At HYPNO STATION, we take pride in being the pioneers in the hypnotherapy field since 2001, with numerous national awards and extensive media exposure. Our experienced and prestigious hypnotherapist is committed to delivering unparalleled service, ensuring your journey towards positive change is both transformative and empowering.

Personalized Transformation

Tailored hypnotherapy sessions designed to meet your unique needs, fostering personal growth and self-discovery.

Effective Stress Reduction

Our proven techniques help alleviate stress, anxiety, and manage various mental health challenges, promoting overall well-being.

Positive Behavior Modification

Harness the power of your subconscious to break free from unwanted habits and foster positive behavior change effortlessly.

Your gateway to transformative hypnotherapy excellence since 2001.

We are the pioneer in hypnotherapy since 2001, our prestigious therapist will lead you on a journey of transformative change. Your well-being is paramount; we provides a safe, confidential space for your growth. Experience our economical package deals, designed for lasting progress, with free post-support. No hourly rates burden you; instead, enjoy cost-effective solutions and high value as you embark on your transformative journey with us.

Proven Results

Over 24 years of experience with a track record of high success rates and countless satisfied clients.

Comprehensive Consultations

Book your intake appointment now at 012-3891552 via Call or WhatsApp. Our consultants will assist from history to session details, fees, and durations. Plus, enjoy our FREE 2-month post-therapy guarantee. Experience lasting results with our cost-effective solutions.

Client Support

We are committed to your success beyond the therapy room. Benefit from ongoing support as you navigate your post-therapy journey with our renowned worldclass consultant.

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Our Professional Services

Experience transformative results with precision through our cutting-edge scientific mind programming techniques. Join Julian Leicester's esteemed clientele and unlock your potential today. Don't settle for limitations—take action towards a fulfilling life now.

Scientific Hypnosis

Unlock your full potential with Scientific Hypnosis: transform mindset, behavior, and lifestyle for unparalleled health, happiness, and success. Experience the power of your subconscious to achieve your goals effortlessly. Embrace change and live the life you deserve.

Our Service Focus

Experience confidential, tailored sessions backed by 24 years of global expertise - book your appointment now. Benefit from our post-client assistance guarantee for optimal results in your transformative journey. Trust our professional guidance to enhance your life and outcomes.

Our Guarantee

Experience peace of mind with our transparent service—no hidden fees post-payment, only clarity. Benefit from tailored programs with no additional costs, plus two months of complimentary post-support sessions. Stay informed of any changes promptly as we prioritize your continued progress.

Our Commitment

Experience simplicity and engagement with our personalized service—prioritizing meaningful connections through open communication. Enhance your experience with us as we commit to tailored approaches for lasting impact. Take action now and discover the difference firsthand.

Our Customer Delight

Join over 10,000 satisfied clients at Hypnostation, where your results and satisfaction are our priority. Experience more than just solutions - discover care, comfort, and kindness for an exceptional journey. Become our priority client today and unlock your full potential.

High Value Packages

Unlock precise, transformative outcomes with our premium hypnosis packages, delivering unbeatable value. Trust Malaysia's renowed hypnotist for treatment in a comforting setting. Experience peace of mind with our attentive client care and strict privacy policies. Begin your transformative journey today.

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Established since 2001, we ensure client success with confidentiality and ethical practices. Contact us for a consultant to reach out within 24 working hours. Strict confidentiality is maintained, with session details discussed in person. Call or WhatsApp +6 0123891552 for direct access now.

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Our Hypnotherapy Specialization

Unlock your potential with personalized hypnotherapy sessions at Hypno Station. Guided by Julian Leicester, conquer challenges and break habits with potent techniques tailored to you. Start your transformative journey towards lasting fulfillment today.

Past Trauma & Symptoms

Hypnotherapy, when applied to trauma and limiting symptoms, offers a profound avenue for healing and growth.

Experience profound healing and growth with hypnotherapy's gentle approach to trauma and limiting symptoms. Access your subconscious to uncover root causes, process emotions, and reframe experiences for resilience. Take control of your life, move forward with clarity and strength. Begin your transformative journey today.

Better Life Motivation

Hypnotherapy presents an incredible opportunity to boost motivation, nurture stronger relationships, and instill confidence in both individuals and couples.

Harness the power of hypnotherapy to ignite positive change in motivation and relationships. Delve into the subconscious to identify obstacles and cultivate empowerment and purpose. Build self-esteem and assertiveness for more rewarding connections and pursue your goals with renewed zeal. Begin your journey to fulfillment today.

Relieve Limiting Symptoms and Emotional Triggers

Hypnotherapy provides an effective solution for alleviating various limiting symptoms and emotional triggers, including anxiety, depression, anger, stress, fear, phobias, obsessive behavior, and habits.

Experience the transformative potential of hypnotherapy for healing and growth. Tap into your subconscious to release deep-seated emotions and reframe negative thought patterns. Build resilience and emotional well-being as you overcome obstacles. Start your journey towards holistic healing and personal growth today.

Addiction Recovery & Rid Habits

Hypnotherapy offers a potent approach to addressing addiction and ingrained habits by accessing the subconscious mind to reprogram thought patterns and behaviors.

Break free from destructive patterns with hypnotherapy's targeted approach to addiction and habits. Uncover underlying triggers and reprogram the subconscious for lasting change. Take control of your journey towards recovery and self-empowerment today.

Be a professional hypnotherapist through training by Julian Leicester

The PCHCC Hypnotherapy Courses provide a professional comprehensive and dynamic syllabus and training to be a competent scientific hypnotherapist practitioner.

Master the art of hypnotherapy with Malaysian Professional Hypnotherapy Association (MPHA)- board approved courses at PCHCC, blending theory and practice for excellence. From principles of hypnosis to advanced scientific techniques, equip yourself to address diverse issues. Inquire now for a solid foundation in hypnotherapy.


Julian Leicester, a distinguished figure in Malaysia, has championed the hypnosis field for over 24 years. His remarkable efforts have earned him prestigious accolades such as The Brand Laureate Asia Pacific's CSR and Community Brand Leadership Award and The Ministry of Health's Blue Ribbon National Award of Excellence for his anti-tobacco advocacy. Notably, he holds a place in the Malaysia Book of Records for achieving a perfect 100% success rate in a fear of heights hypnosis seminar with KL Towers. Julian's commitment is evident in his training of over 80 certified hypnotherapists and his role as the Founding Chairman and lifelong Fellow member of the Malaysian Professional Hypnotherapists Association (MPHA). Recognized internationally as a scientific hypnotist and media personality, he has played a significant role in promoting hypnosis therapy through various media platforms both locally and abroad.

Julian Leicester

Chief Hypnotherapist

Founder, CEO, Chief Consultant, Author

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our FAQ for insightful answers on hypnosis. Whether it's safety, effectiveness, or applications, we offer clarity and guidance. Learn about hypnosis's workings, benefits, and what to expect from a session. Our consultant hypnotist is ready to address all inquiries. Start understanding hypnosis today.

  • Is Hypnosis Safe? Is there side-effects? Will I lose control when I am under hypnosis?

    Scientifically, research suggests that hypnosis is generally safe when administered by trained professionals. Regarding the concern of losing control during hypnosis, empirical evidence indicates that individuals do not relinquish control of their actions or behaviors while in a hypnotic state. Neuroimaging studies have shown that the brain remains actively engaged during hypnosis, suggesting that individuals retain executive function and critical thinking abilities. Contrary to popular misconceptions, you do not lose control during hypnosis. While you may be more open to suggestion, you still retain your critical thinking faculties and can reject any suggestions that do not align with your beliefs or values. You are always in control and can end the session at any time if you feel uncomfortable. However, it's essential to undergo hypnosis with a licensed and experienced hypnotherapist to ensure a comfortable and effective experience. Additionally, hypnosis may not be suitable for everyone, particularly those with certain mental health conditions or susceptibility to dissociation. It's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before undergoing hypnosis, especially if you have any concerns or medical conditions.

  • The duration of the effects of hypnotherapy can vary depending on individual factors such as the nature of the issue being addressed, the depth of trance achieved during sessions, and the client's receptivity to suggestion. In some cases, the benefits of hypnotherapy may be experienced immediately after a session and last for a short period, while in others, the effects may be longer-lasting and more profound. Long-term effectiveness of hypnotherapy can be influenced by several factors, including the frequency and consistency of sessions, the skill and experience of the hypnotherapist, and the client's willingness to engage in the therapeutic process. Ultimately, the long-term effectiveness of hypnotherapy depends on various factors, including the specific goals of the client, their commitment to the therapeutic process, and the collaborative relationship between the client and the hypnotherapist.

  • Scientifically, hypnosis has shown promise as a complementary therapy for addressing smoking, vaping, addiction, habits, and certain negative behaviors. Research suggests that hypnotherapy can be effective in facilitating behavior change by accessing the subconscious mind and promoting cognitive restructuring, leading to reduced cravings, increased motivation for change, and improved self-control. Multiple studies have demonstrated the potential of hypnosis in aiding smoking cessation and reducing addictive behaviors. Hypnotherapy techniques such as suggestion therapy, visualization, and cognitive-behavioral approaches have been utilized to target the underlying psychological factors contributing to addiction and habits. While hypnosis alone may not be sufficient to overcome substance induced addiction or deeply ingrained drug habits, it can be integrated into a comprehensive treatment plan alongside other evidence-based interventions such as counseling, medication, and behavioral therapies. It's important to note that individual responses to hypnosis may vary, and the effectiveness of hypnotherapy for smoking cessation or addiction treatment depends on factors such as the individual's readiness to change, the severity of the addiction, and the skill of the hypnotherapist. Overall, scientific evidence supports the potential of hypnosis as a valuable tool in the treatment of smoking, vaping, addiction, habits, and certain negative behaviors.

  • Research suggests that hypnosis can facilitate memory retrieval by enhancing the accessibility of stored information in the subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy techniques such as age regression and hypnotic suggestion have been explored in studies examining memory enhancement, with some evidence indicating positive outcomes in certain individuals. Similarly, hypnosis has been studied as a potential intervention for improving sleep quality and addressing sleep disorders such as insomnia. Hypnotherapy techniques focused on relaxation, imagery, and suggestion have shown promise in promoting relaxation, reducing sleep disturbances, and enhancing overall sleep quality. Individual responses to hypnosis may vary, and additional factors such as the skill of the hypnotherapist and the readiness of the individual to engage in the hypnotic process may influence outcomes.

  • Scientific evidence indicates that hypnosis can indeed be beneficial in addressing stress, anger, emotional triggers, and improving couple relationships. Hypnotherapy has been shown to induce a state of deep relaxation, leading to reductions in stress-related physiological markers such as heart rate and cortisol levels. Additionally, hypnosis can assist individuals in accessing and reframing subconscious beliefs and emotional responses, thereby fostering more adaptive coping mechanisms and reducing the intensity of anger and emotional triggers. Furthermore, hypnosis can be utilized to enhance communication skills, empathy, and conflict resolution strategies within couples. By facilitating open dialogue and fostering mutual understanding, hypnotherapy may contribute to the establishment of healthier relationship dynamics and increased satisfaction among partners. Numerous studies support the efficacy of hypnotherapy in these areas, highlighting its potential to improve emotional well-being and interpersonal relationships. While individual responses may vary, the scientific evidence suggests that hypnosis can be a valuable tool in addressing stress, anger, emotional triggers, and promoting positive couple team dynamics.

  • Scientifically, hypnosis has been explored as a therapeutic approach to address trauma symptoms by potentially accessing and reprocessing traumatic memories stored in the subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy aims to induce a state of heightened suggestibility and relaxation, facilitating the exploration of past experiences and emotions. Research suggests that hypnosis may allow individuals to access memories and emotions that are not readily accessible in a waking state. This can create an opportunity to revisit traumatic events and process associated emotions in a safe and controlled environment. By reprocessing traumatic memories under the guidance of a trained therapist, individuals may experience emotional resolution and symptom alleviation.Se veral studies have demonstrated the potential efficacy of hypnosis in treating trauma-related symptoms, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other trauma-related disorders. Hypnotherapy techniques such as age regression, hypnotic regression, and imagery rescripting have been utilized to help individuals explore and reframe traumatic experiences, leading to improvements in symptoms and overall well-being. Hypnosis should only be conducted by qualified and experienced therapists trained in trauma treatment protocols to ensure safety and effectiveness.

MPHA Association

Founding Chairman & Lifetime Fellow member

Julian heads the council team at the Malaysian Professional Hypnotherapy Association (MPHA), the fastest-growing hypnotherapy practitioner body in Malaysia. MPHA boasts numerous world-class international members from countries such as the USA, UK, Germany, Russia, India, Singapore, Indonesia, and more.

PCHCC Hypnotherapy Course

Founding Principle & Educator

PCHCC, Julian's hypnotherapy certified course, was previously certified and funded by the Malaysian government. It offers comprehensive professional hypnotherapy education, rapidly gaining acceptance with a growing community of trained hypnotherapists.


Member and past CEO USBCH Asia

The United States Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy (USBCH) is a premier authority in Scientific Therapeutic Hypnosis, seamlessly merging it with medical science. Julian's strong bond with Tom Silver, USBCH's founder and president, underscores its global stature and Tom's legendary status as a top-ranked world-class hypnotherapist.

TEACH CONSULTING Training Providor

Founder & CEO

Teach Consulting provides specialized corporate training in hypnosis, certified by HRDC (Human Resource Development Corporation). Our programs are designed to incorporate hypnosis techniques into various aspects of corporate training, fostering enhanced learning, performance, and personal development among employees.

S2QS Technology

Founder, CEO & Amazon Author

S2QS, inspired by Julian's book, stands as an award-winning company, recognized by prestigious entities like Brand Laureate CSR Brand Leadership Asia Pacific and MOH Minister's Blue Ribbon award of national excellence. Our core focus lies in pioneering anti-smoking technology and offering comprehensive training programs across corporate, state, national, and international platforms.


Hypno Station is situated in the USJ Summit Mall, conveniently located in lively USJ 1, Subang Jaya. The mall offers unparalleled accessibility, just 20 minutes from Kesas Highway and 10 minutes from Puchong Toll. Positioned at the junction of Jalan Persiaran Kewajipan, next to Damien Mall and GIANT, it boasts ample parking and a variety of dining and shopping options.


The Summit USJ Mall,Level 2, Unit 2.126,USJ 1, Jalan Persiaran Kewajipan, 47600 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.


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