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Malaysia's renowned hypnotist is Julian Leicester.

* as per The Star Newspaper on the 12th Apr 2011.

Julian Leicester has worked professionally with more that 10,000 people for successful results ...

Julian Leicester, Asia Best Hypnotherapist

Julian Leicester is a highly esteemed and renowned scientific hypnotist and media personality. He is recognized as an accomplished professional in his field. With an extensive background in hypnosis, Julian has made significant contributions at national and international level to the promotion and advancement of his work with hypnosis, through various media outlets such as newspapers, television, radio, magazines, podcasts, books, public events, interviews, and widespread media coverage.

Having studied and received a UK hypnosis qualification and education in thought and behavior transformation in London, Julian has successfully assisted over 10,000 individuals in their personal growth journeys. Julian is also personally mentored and trained, by the world legendary and renowned Scientific Hypnotist, Tom Silver during his training in Kuala Lumpur, this July 2023. Tom Silver has appointed Julian as the CEO for United States Board of Clinical Hypnosis (USBCH) for Asia, and he will promote and train under license, Tom Silver's latest hybrid scientific hypnosis training course for USBCH in Asia.

Julian's personal outstanding achievements over 23 years have earned him both national and international accolades such as The Brand Laureate Asia Pacific's CSR and Community Brand Leadership prestigious Award, The Minister of Health's Blue Ribbon National Award of Excellence as a national anti tobacco advocate in the nation, and national receipient of the Malaysia Book of Records with KL Towers for hypnosis fear of heights seminar with 100% results, and many more...

As a testament to his expertise and dedication, more than 60 hypnotherapists have been trained and certified with Julian. He is today, the Founding Chairman and life time Fellow member of the Malaysian Professional Hypnotherapists Association (MPHA), further establishing his leadership and commitment to the field.

Benefiting from his many years of practical experience working with the subconscious mind, Julian offers unparalleled outcomes for his clients. His unique approach and track record of positive results have made him a highly sought-after hypnotherapist, continually in high demand for his exceptional services.

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If you want a change in your mindset and behavious for a better lifestyle and to able to reach your goals in your life, then maybe hypnotherapy is right for you. You deserve the best of health, happiness, and success. With Scientific Hypnosis, you will access the full potential your subconscious to have better health, happiness, success, and desired results! I’m Julian Leicester your Scientific Hypnotist.


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