Here is what our Hypnotherapy Clients are saying?

Dear Madam/Sir,

Because all our hypnotherapy clients information are confidential, we do not disclose their names but use a client reference number instead for privacy. The objective of this webpage information is to provide you added comfort on our proven services and the quality of success with our clients. We look forward to you booking an intake appointment soon. Please click and submit your details and our consultant will contact you soon. Thank you

Gambling Client with debt of more than RM0.5 million. - "I am doing good, started exercise routines and keeping busy" - This client is now on a consistent debt repayment structure, no more addicted to gambling and more focus towards carreer and income development to repay all owning. - CLIENT2012-SJV-0879

Anger Management Client - "Thanks for checking on me :) I am doing ok and have been busy at work and at home." - This clients was stressed, had anger with spouse and mum. Today she is calm and able to be more responsive rather than reactive to people and situation. - CLIENT2012-SUN-0841

Relationship Cheating Client- "Things are much better and good. I am more focus to the one I love" - This client had difficulty keeping sincere in his relationship and wanted to quit the distraction of other women that comeby in his social and work life. - CLIENT2012-NVSH-0652

Anxiety and Depression Client - "Hi Julian, I just want to thank you for the two hours introduction you spent for us. I must say that what we gained was more than just an introduction. It was a wonderful theraputic session that lifted the boulders of my mind and heart. I truly appreciate that and grateful to cross path with you and Dr Aziz (who sent her to Hypno Station) - This client has seen many doctors and hospital treatment and was refered by Dr Aziz to us. - CLIENT2012-PNG-0238

Insomnia Client - " I am better now and the next time I come to KL to find you to go for dinner. If you happen to come to Penang or Ipoh or Seremban call me" - This client suffered severe insomnia for many years and could not be treated dispite all her medication. Today she is a very happy client. - CLIENT2012-YNG-0114

FEAR/DEPRESSION CLIENT - "Thanks Julian, keeping very well ;) back to normal routine." - This client was depresed and full of fears. She had difficulty going to work for a month and cannot cope at work. Today she is doing well with her assignments and more focus at work. - CLIENT2012-SRN-0775

QUIT SMOKING CLIENT - "I am off the ciggies. Thank you for your help, rgds Dr Rxxxx" - This client is a surgeon who smokes heavily and had seek Julian's S2QS help to qui smoking with success. - CLIENT2012-RAV-0391

RELATIONSHIP COPING CLIENT - " Hi Julian, All is good. Still working on some things step at a time ;)" - This client had diffulty in coping with her spouse cumbersome and had seek help to be more tolerance and show understanding. - CLIENT2012-SEU-0661

QUIT SMOKING TEENAGER - "I am not smoking and I have been also busy with assignments and don't have time for it" - This teenage client was brought by his mother to help him quit smoking as his heart was disgnose by doctor as weak. - CLIENT2012-SDH-0195

MARRIAGE DISFUNCTIONAL CLIENT - "Just to let you know that wife and son are back home. It's been more than a month now. Everything is going great. Life is good. Happy family. Thanks Julian. God Bless" - This client had severe fear and phobia and his wife and son have left home for six months. Intensive work with hypnosis and relationship sharings were done in his session. Normally, when a woman leaves she seldom comes back but because of the confidence developed and the strategies work with the client this has been a very happy track record for Hypno Station, to be able to reunite a family again. - CLIENT2012-RJA-0741

FEAR/SEXUAL ISSUES CLIENT - "I did it and I am less stressed doing it. Good news, my wife is two months pregnant ;)" - This client had unknown fear to making love to his newly wed wife who he had not had sex with despite marry her six months ago. Today he is healthy and happy. - CLIENT2012-HEL-0996

HEALING/DEPRESSION CLIENT - " I am coping with my desease better with the hypnosis. I am more brave to face my pains and challenges and today I have release the bitterness and have more faith that I will heal completely soon" - This client was dignose with a rare desease and in constant pain and misery. She has to take pain and specialize medications daily and doctors were impressed at her nwe outlook to life. She feels much better to do many more things, happier at home and at work and much jovial. - CLIENT2012-SRJ-0412

....there are many more such delighted and successful clients over the years. We can tell you more when we meet soon.