We are located inside the USJ Summit Mall in Subang Jaya

Only 20 minutes on the Kesas Highway, 10minutes from PUCHONG TOLL . We are just 10 minutes further up from Taipan. We are located in Jalan Persiaran Kewajipan junction, the same street with Damien Mall and closeby GIANT and MYDIN supermarket. Its is strategic for your privacy and comfort. We have more than 2000 parking bays for you in the mall and lot of food shops to dine, computer shops and supermart to buy your groceries.

Therapy and Shopping in one convienient place

The Summit Subang USJ has been a part of the Subang Jaya neighbourhood since 1998.It's the go-to mall for groceries, a catch-up with friends over coffee, a birthday celebration, last-minute gift-shopping, getting prepped for school, a movie escape, getting your phone fixed – well, just about anything that helps make our lives just that little bit easier, and a little more fun. It is the largest retail mall in USJ Subang, in fact – and are connected to The Summit Hotel and the office block, Menara Summit.


HYPNO STATION - Kuala Lumpur


The Summit USJ Mall,

Level 2, Unit 2.126,

USJ 1, Jalan Persiaran Kewajipan

47600 Subang Jaya



Email: inquiries@hypno-station.com

Common Disorders


Better Self Esteem and Powerful Confidence. Be Happy.

Confidence is the foundation from where all our happiness begins. Genuine happiness comes from a sense of well-being.Self-confidence will help boost your self-esteem and therefore give you a better opinion of yourself, liking yourself more is a simple step to take the start to truly experience deep happiness


Relieve Fear, Phobia and Panic Attacks. Be Courageous.

Some people become overwhelmed by fear and want to avoid situations that might make them frightened or anxious. It can be hard to break this cycle, but hypnotherapy is an effective way to do it. You can learn to feel less fearful and to cope with fear so that it doesn’t stop you from living.


Stress, Anger and Relationship Management. Be Peaceful

Anger can take different forms. Some people feel angry much of the time, or can’t stop dwelling on an event that made them mad. Others get angry less often, but when they do it comes out as explosive bouts of rage.Anger can also contribute to violent and risky behaviors, including stress, deseases, drug and alcohol use. And on top of all that, anger can significantly damage relationships with family, friends and colleagues.

Limiting Beliefs

Insomnia, Anxiety and coping management. Be Refreshed


If you’re experiencing stress in your life, chances are that you might be struggling to fall or stay asleep at night. Your anxious worry about life and its problems may keep your brain from settling down, and the disruption of sleep is likely to keep you feeling more on edge the next day.Sleep disruption is a common feature of mental health problems, and anxiety is no exception. You don’t have to have a diagnosed anxiety disorder to feel the impact the stress and worry can have on your sleep patterns.