Julian Leicester's Media and PR Experience.

Julian Leicester is truly Malaysia's most celebrated hypnotherapist. He is known by the media and
is endorsed in the Malaysia Book of Record's with KL Tower for beat fear seminar. Today Julian is
focus on helping people change their mindset to change their life results.

  Julian Leicester with Leaderonomics is here to continue the series on The Science of Building Leaders. Julian will be sharing tips on "Dealing with the Difficult Customer". 
  Julian Leicester speaks about his innovative S2QS programme to help smokers kick the habit.
Julian Leicester is Malaysia's most media celebrated hypnotherapist

Adiddas's Impossible is Nothing - Mental Coach. Julian help three national atheletes complete the 24 hours Longest Run Challenge event. This event was a gruelling endurance victory to the runners with Wong Ah Tiam clocking 151km. These runners were hypnotize by Julian to endure the run and not give up.


Outstanding Hypno Coaching: Julian helped this January 2004, Radio 4’s DJ Nigel Green from phobia of the fear of heights to stand at the ledge of Menara KL at 420 meters high for their “Stand for Peace” 24 hours feat. From phobia to extreme sports in 3 hours!
A Hypnotherapy writer & researcher – Julian has written in the The Sun newspaper weekly for four months. No one has ever written with such authority on hypnotherapy in any newspaper for such a long duration in the Malaysian history.
Julian is also well known and highly promoted in the region. Here is a Hong Kong based article on him - SPA Asia
A World-class Fear of Heights Seminar at KL Tower. A first of it’s type in the World. "Hypnosis at Top of The World"
Bringing media awareness of how to beat Fear to the public.
Julian Leicester is the First Malaysian Column Writer to teach Malaysian’s a Way to Quit Smoking in his 7 Series of Articles in The Star Newspaper in 2008
Promoting quit smoking to the nation with his S2QS method
Malaysia’s First Stop Smoking Seminar – No Drugs, a The Star newspaper validated results. 2 packs a day stop after 3 hours seminar.
Julian Stop Smoking Seminars 2004 - 2013 that’s has given Smokers a new meaning to life without the cigarette..
Julian ‘s Cigarette Slayer Public Seminar – March 2006 in Subang Jaya Medical Center in aid of MAKNA He is officially nicknamed the Cigarette Slayer by media
On 24 th December 2008, The New Straits Times for the second time officially branded Julian A Leicester as the “Cigarette Slayer”
Working with Putra Specialist Hospital Melaka – Hypnosis Training
Sleep Management – In review together with University Malaya Sleep Disorder Centre
Writer on Anger Management – In review together with Intan Gleaneagles Hospital and Pemadam
Malaysia ICE Hockey Subconscious Coach and Mental Trainer Asia Winter Games China / Hong Kong World 5 / World 6 Games 2007

Julian’s Nationwide News Profile Coverage in September 2004

Julian Leicester- Sunday Personality as Malaysia's Hypnotherapist 2004
Today, Julian is a well known and reputed Mind Specialist in Malaysia
Julian is today a sought after authority and writer for hypnotherapy in the nation.

Bringing Awareness to the public on the benefits of Hypnotherapy in Childbirth

Julian is a proven leader in his work on hypnotherapy and is always in the media.

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