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Have fun quitting

This is the sixth in a series of seven articles on creating the will to quit smoking. This week, we look at the aspect of pleasure in quitting smoking.



WHEN you talk to a smoker, this very important information always stands out - “I enjoy smoking”. This is what you will always hear them say, and sometimes even from a smoker who wants to quit.

All smokers smoke for pleasure and the only way to quit is also for pleasure! Nothing less, nothing more! It is very important to keep the fun level high when you’re quitting your smoking habit.

Step six: Create the pleasure to quit – pleasure is your driving force

mhtml:file://C:\Documents%20and%20Settings\user\My%20Documents\Downloads\Have%20fun%20quitting.mht! some fun when you try and stop smoking. - AFP photo

It is not a “sad” effort that you are pursuing when you’re trying to quit. Instead, it is a liberating effort. It liberates you to take control so as to make a breakthrough and quit cigarettes.

As I have mentioned in my first article, cigarettes are nothing more than dried leaves wrapped in paper. How invincible can it be?

You must say: “I am going to enjoy the process of quitting. If I get to a point of doubt, I will still enjoy the fact that I can overcome any obstacles and move forward. It is FUN to make new powerful commitments for my health.

Every game is won in excitement! True sportsmanship involves not only the technical participation of the game but the excellent motivation of the human spirit to win.

You need to be passionate and gung-ho as you participate to win. Imagine the glory, the celebration. Celebrate the self fulfilling victory of being a non-smoker now!

It should spark glints of excitement in your eyes and in the eyes of your loved ones at home; create big smiles on your lips and a great knowing in your heart that you surely deserve to kick this habit forever!

What you must do now

Quitting smoking can be a pleasurable activity. You should understand now why those admonishments of painful deaths from various diseases have so little impact on smokers.

It is simply because getting a disease from smoking does not always happen to every smoker, even if the risk of such a disease is extremely high, it is down played in the mind of a smoker. This is simply because of the habitual stimuli that has been recycled and enforced.

Set your fun level high and quit in a state of pleasure! Be the happy Cigarette Slayer.

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