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Our Dedication to You:

We understand that you are searching for a suitable hypnotherapist or center for your needs, you are looking for reliability, best priced to your budget, and that will give you the desired results you need. Yes, we are ready to satisfy this need regardless of the challenge and complexity of your situation. After being in the business since 2001, we understand your needs and all our client process, therapy structures, packaging is design to make it easy for you to come explore and work with our hypnotherapy services for you. Here are some of the common types of issues we work with clients. We address many more types of psychosomatic mind related symptomes and needs.

  • Better Self Esteem and Powerful Confidence. Be Happy.
  • Relieve Fear, Phobia and Panic Attacks. Be Courageous.
  • Stress, Anger and Relationship Management. Be Peaceful
  • Insomnia, Anxiety and coping management. Be Refreshed
  • Weightloss and Weight Gain mind strategies. Be Beautiful
  • Quit Smoking, Drug, Gambling addiction. Be Free
  • and more..

Our Consultant will be in touch with you soon as you fill your details and your needs for hypnotherapy services. All information are kept strictly confidential.


YOU get Our Proven Hypnotherapy Services !
Our Renowned Hypnotherapist is a pioneer and well-knowned in his field with national excellence awards and world-class events. The media has been reporting on his success with hypnotherapy over 15 years.


Our Personalized Mission to You:

Hypno Station is Malaysia's Premier Hypnotherapy Centre. We are a pioneer centre with a renowned London trained consultant. Today we receive referrals from doctors, hospitals and abroad. Our clients are our best advertistment. We give you assurance for patient care, high confidentiality and ethics. These are our core policy throughout your sessions.. contact us now.


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YOU get Our Written Service Guarantee!
Malaysia's most Professional Hypnotherapy Centre since 2001

Our Guarantee to You

A Written Service Guarantee just for you. We’ll stick with you until you achieve your desired results for good. Upon full payment of your program fee, Hypno Station will provide free monthly reinforcement sessions at your request (depending on your case) until you are absolutely satisfied with your desired results. If you ever get a relapse for any reason, our hypnosis services are available to you once per month at no extra charge.

To learn more, check out Why it WorksHow it Works, and our Guarantee.

Our Hypnotherapy Value and Benefits given when You engage our services. This is our Promise.

  1. You will be consulted personally by Julian Leicester, a London trained Hypnotherapist with 14 years of daily client experiences. He is a pioneer and highly regarded in the nation for his field as reported by media often. He is Malaysia's renowned celebrity hypnotherapist with prestigious national awards
  2. When you make your full payment, you enjoy a lifetime support of our hypnotherapy without hidden future cost. Refer to our our Guarantee.
  3. Our center's client confidential process is strict and we adhere to MOH and AHPM guidelines.
  4. Our therapy follows a tested and proven session structure. This is how we intervene your needs, measure results and test for non re-occurance.
  5. We are sensitive to gender and children needs. We have many teens and woman clients with a high testimony and referrals from them. We ensure their spouse and parents are in consent for therapy. We work with them for the best interest of their family receiving hypnotherapy.
  6. We are strictly scientific in our approach and do not interfere in any cultural, personal or religious beliefs and values you hold.
  7. We often work in intergartion with doctors, psychiatrics and hospitals. We do not overide medication, stop any medical opinion or treatment, make any claims that hypnotherapy is better. We are professional TCM consultants of health via hypnotherapy.
  8. We ensure your sessions are comfortable, friendly and full patient care and safety to give you delight as we help you in your needs.
  9. We have an internal ISO process that constantly is helping to upgrade our service quality and core values to you.

Client is Our Mission

In Hypno Station, all our Hypnotherapy Clients is valued as our Key Mission! The blend of spirit, energy, dedication, and desire to serve our Hypnotherapy Clients and give them extraordinary delight. Giving Long Term Results is our Expert Strength.

We have today hypnotherapy clients from all over Asia, Middle East, Europe, Australia, North and South America and Japan.

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Chapter Leader for Selangor state
and registered AHPM member

We Are Proven

We often get hypnotherapy referrals from medical personals and centers. Our hypnotherapy track record and success is proven nationwide with high success.

In fact we are the only Hypnotherapist in The Malaysia Book of Records having 100% results in helping phobic fear of heights sufferers on top of KL Tower

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Only 20 minutes on the Kesas Highway from down town, 10 minutes from Summit Subang Jaya and two traffic lights from Puchong Toll "

"At Hypno-Station, we strive to make your life experience the best possible. We are always available to answer all of your questions. We will help you feel good every time, anytime and everywhere. Think Hypnotherapy, Think Hypno Station.



Professional Hypnotherapy Malaysia located in Kuala Lumpur 5 Star Rating: Recommended Looking for a London trained specialist Hypnotherapy Center that guarantees you success. We have a structured approached to client management in hypnosis that has consistent good results with our clients to acheive their desired results We are located in Call Us Today Tel: 012-3891552 (Client Direct Access). Where: HYPNO STATION in USJ 19 CITY MALL, Subang Jaya Level 2, Unit RL 2-086, USJ 19, Jalan Persiaran Kewajipan, 47620 Subang Jaya, Malaysia When: — Here is my home page: We are in the media, won awards and have more than 15 years of client success as Malaysia's most Premier Hypnotherapy Centre. Book a Free Intake today and we will be in touch soon with the most published proven acheivements in hypnosis.